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Dimensional Chess


This is a chess game extended along the fourth dimension- called "Hyper-length" while avoiding height entirely.  The game takes place along three boards.  These are the matter, antimatter, and energy boards.

Six identical but different kingdoms in the dimensions heard that their three dimensions were collapsing, and, crazed by the news, declared war on their worst foes in their respective dimensions.  The goal is to win the wars and escape.


Same as Chess for each board.  Note: you must distinguish between the members of a group of pieces: i.e. you need a way to separate the eight pawns, two bishops, etc.


Same as chess for each, with some special rules.
If a matter and energy piece collide, the energy piece augments the matter piece- they are fused and the owner of either original piece may move the new one.
If a matter and antimatter piece collide, they explode.  Any and all pieces a move (or capture for pawns) away for either piece are destroyed.
If an energy and antimatter piece collide, a blocker is placed on every square that either of the pieces could go to.  These blockers may be taken, and are considered to be neutral.

Also, each piece may go to another dimension on the same square if you roll a die and a six comes up.  However, for each of your kings that has been checkmated, you must roll another die and have a six come up.  And for every exact twin of the piece trying to move that is dead, you must do likewise.


Once every game has been won, an escape dimension opens to evade the impending doom.  The player who can get more of his pieces there in twenty turns wins!

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By Daniel Robert MacDuff.
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