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Dice-Money Chess


FIDE chess rules are followed, except as follows:

  • White starts with $1 and black starts with $2.
  • Nobody can have more than $100; if you have more, it is set to $100.
  • You can only promote into lost pieces (which haven't yet been placed back onto the board).
  • On your turn the sequence is: Roll 2d6. Optionally spend money (on one item only). Make a normal chess move.
  • If your first chess move during your turn is a move with a piece corresponding to one of dice (1=P, 2=N, 3=B, 4=R, 5=Q, 6=K), then earn money on the other dice. Castling counts as a king move. Promotion counts as a move of the piece you promoted into.
  • If you make more than one move per turn, you still have to not end any individual move in check, and you cannot capture a king as any part of your move, but you can pile on multiple checks.
  • Pawns can double-step from second rank (only).
  • Pictorial check/checkmate is used.
  • When any player spends money, its price increases by $1 for next time that player buys that same thing during this game.
  • When one player wins the game, that player's prices are the initial prices for both players during the next game in a match (prices are reset at the beginning of a match).

Things to spend money on:

  • $5 for one extra move after your main move.
  • $15 for two extra moves after your main move.
  • $5 to place any lost opponent's piece onto the board on any vacant space. Pawns cannot be placed on first or last rank.
  • $3 to place a lost pawn of your color on a vacant space other than first or last rank.
  • $7 to place a lost knight or bishop of your color on a vacant space.
  • $11 to place a lost rook of your color on a vacant space.
  • $19 to place a lost queen of your color on a vacant space.
  • $10 to allow your king to move any distance this turn (like a queen does, and can pass through check).


Although some people used zorkmids in their chess variants, I used the ASCII currency symbol (also known as a dollar sign) here.

Maybe the prices for various thing need to be changed.

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By (zzo38) A. Black.
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