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This page is written by the game's inventor, Adrian Alvarez de la Campa.

Czech Chess

This variant allows players to drop Pawns on the board by checking the opposing King.


All standard chess rules.

When a player gives check with any piece except a Pawn, the player must drop an extra friendly Pawn on the square that the checking piece moved from. There is one exception: If the checking piece moved from the last rank, the player drops a Knight, Bishop or Rook instead of a Pawn.

In the case of a discovered check, there is no drop.

In the case of an apparent double check, the Pawn or Piece is dropped as above (blocking the piece that would have been discovered). However, the dropped piece may give check itself.

Pawns on the first or second rank may always take one or two steps. Pawns may only promote to Knight, Bishop or Rook.


Courier Preset:

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