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This page is written by the game's inventor, Christine Bagley-Jones.

Crazyhouse No Retreat Morphy Chess

Plays like normal Crazyhouse, except the Queen, Rook, Bishop and Knight 
have no backwards move unless they are on the final rank. Any piece on 
the final rank can leap 7 squares directly backwards (orthogonally) to 
the first rank. Pawns promote to Dabbaba or Alfil.

There is 1 other variant, called 'Crazyhouse No Retreat Whatsoever Morphy Chess'. 
This variant plays without the '7 square backwards leap'.

The name 'Morphy' in the title is there because 'Crazyhouse Morphy Chess' 
makes you play like Morphy! It forces sacs, and makes for wild open play!


8x8 board - standard set up


standard pieces for crazyhouse


you know the rules :)


it was funny, when i was testing, against zillions, i thought i would see what happened if you moved your king right up the board, therefore making it hard to be attacked. 
i got into kind of trouble, hehe, i was checked by a rook, but i made it with my king to h8! .. i thought ok i might be safe. I was white, zillions black.
zillions played ... bishop (off board) to h1, checkmate :)

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By Christine Bagley-Jones.
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