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This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniel MacDuff.

Chess Wars 2.2- The Raid

Story (Read aloud): Following the scout mission, White has little information available about Black's new catastrophic weapon.  As they attempt to enter the laboratory the next day, Black is waiting.




Black has the following pieces to place on the board anywhere before the beginning:
1 Flak (Q)
1 Prototype (K)
2 Dobermans (B)
2 Guards (N)
2 Land Mines (R)
8 Barbed Wire (P)

White has the following pieces to place on the board, once a turn, as an alternative option to moving:
1 Tank (Q)
2 Artillery (B)
8 Light Infantry (P)
2 Bombers (N)
2 Heavy Infantry (R)
1 Nuke (K)

Flak- Moves as King, rifle captures as Rook, but only against planes, or captures as King.
Prototype- Can neither move nor capture.
Doberman- Knight.  Can only capture land units,
Guard- Rook.  Can only capture land units.
Land Mine- Cannot move or be seen, but if captured, destroys the attacker and all adjacent pieces, but remains captured.
Barbed Wire- Cannot move.  Can only be captured by infantry.  This is a suicide capture.  Captures any other piece that lands on it, other than tank or bomber.

Tank- Rook, can move through barbed wire.
Artillery- R4, or rifle captures as queen.
Light Infantry- Horse (W,F to form N).
Bombers- N, can be on same square as a friendly piece.
Heavy Infantry- King, rifle captures as Knight.
Nuke- Ends the game if deployed.


White cannot see any squares of the board other than those containing his own pieces.  He must announce whether he is capturing or moving.  If  he moves into an occupied square, his piece is destroyed.  This section is waived if WHITE WON THE LAST GAME BY DESTROYING THE ENEMY.

White wins by:
Capturing the prototype
Or deploying the nuke

Black wins by:
Destroying all White pieces

If White captures the prototype, continue with Chess Wars 3.2- One if by Land.
If White deploys the nuke, the prototype is destroyed.  Continue with Chess Wars 3.3- Diplomacy.
If Black wins, continue with Chess Wars 3.1- Island Hopping.

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By Daniel Robert MacDuff.
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