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This page is written by the game's inventor, (zzo38) A. Black.

Cat's Chess




Most pieces is like FIDE chess. Pawns can double-step on the third rank, and can promote (on last rank) to any pieces other than kings and neutral pieces; if promoting into a teleporting cat, removes your other teleporting cat if you have one. Castling is moving king three spaces. However, there is also other pieces:

  • Neutral Piece (*): Can be captured only by pawns and cats and queens and kings and bishops, but using their non-capturing powers of movement; if captured, placed by capturer on vacant square of his choice. Moves one space orthogonal, cannot capture. If something is in the way (of any color), it can jump over it, but can only jump over one piece and must land right afterward.
  • Cat (C): Move one space orthogonal non-capturing, move one space diagonal capturing, or move as a knight, either capturing or non-capturing.
  • Mouse (M): Move one space orthogonal. Can capture only king and queen, and can be captured only by pawn and cats. Does not block the movement of other pieces; any pieces of either color can move through it, but not necessarily land on it.
  • Teleporting Cat (T): It is considered to be a cat and moves same as a cat does, too. However, see special rules below.


Mostly follows rules of FIDE chess, except:

  • No check/mate, therefore castling is also allowed in/out/through check.
  • Win either by capturing opponent's king, or by simultaneously having two cats (even if one is teleporting) on last rank.
  • If all pieces of all colors of any one type (except M and T) are gone, they are replaced on their starting positions; if they are occupied, they are placed "underneath" and don't move until the square is vacant.

On your turn you do these steps in order:

  1. (Optional) Teleport a teleporting cat of your color (you can do this even if you don't have one). To do so, first remove any teleporting cat you may already have on the board. Roll d% to decide its position. If it is occupied by a non-mouse, or if it is on opponent's first or second rank, you must roll again. If it is occupied by a mouse (any color), you can optionally roll again, otherwise the mouse is removed. If you used this option, the Teleporting Cat may not make any capturing moves this turn.
  2. (Optional) Move any neutral piece.
  3. (Required) Move one of your own pieces. If you moved a non-teleporting cat without using a knight move, you can optionally move another your cat (teleporting or not) also without using a knight move.
  4. (Optional) You can add a mouse of your color on a vacant space on your first rank.
  5. (Optional) If you have captured opponent's teleporting cat, you can optionally make another move, with the same piece or different one, capturing or not. However, two cats moving is not possible in this case.

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