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This page is written by one of the game's inventor, (zzo38) A. Black.

Bland Chess 46

This is an idea from a comment in Bland Chess to make a 46-squares game to submit to the contest. This game is submitted to the 46-squares contest.


There are 2 missing squares. No pieces are allowed to move through or land on the missing squares.


Pieces in Bland Chess 46:
  • Pawn (P): It can move one space forward. It captures in the same way that it moves if you started with 2 war machines, if you did not start with 2 war machines, then the pawns cannot capture (they can still capture after they promote). It can promote on the opponent's first row to any types of pieces that you started with (except pawns or kings). Pawns on the last file can also move sideways.
  • War-machine (W): It can leap 2 spaces orthogonally.
  • Rook (R): Same as chess.
  • King (K): As the normal chess king, but it can only move orthogonally, it cannot move diagonally.


Mostly the same as chess. No castling or pawn double moves. Capture opponent's king to win. The players, prior to the start of a game, may replace one or both of their War Machines with either a Knight, or a Modern War Machine.

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Author: (zzo38) A. Black. Inventor: (zzo38) A. Black and Gary K. Gifford.
Web page created: 2007-10-06. Web page last updated: 2007-10-06