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This page is written by the game's inventor, Gary Gifford.

Bishop Knight Morph Factor

Bishop Knight Morph Factor is a simple chess variant which uses a standard chess board and pieces.  In this game the chess dynamics become more complicated [than we see in chess] because after a Knight completes a move, it becomes a Bishop, and after a Bishop moves, it becomes a Knight.  These transformations continue throughout the game.  The concept of piece morphing is not a new one... but to my knowledge it has not yet been used as we see in this variant.


As in chess.


As in chess.


As in chess. Except:

1. After a Knight moves - it is immediately replaced with a Bishop of the same color.

2. After a Bishop moves - it is immediately replaced with a Knight of the same color.

These two morphing factors continue throughout the game and are mandatory.

Example of a Knight move:
1. g1-f3; B-f3// Knight to f3, and Knight becomes Bishop.


To play on a real board with real pieces you will need extra Bishops and Knights.

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