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This page is written by the game's inventor, Namik Zade.

Aliens Vs Predators Episode II (Larry Smith`s Version)

This version of a game basically is based on Larry Smith`s idea. In addition, three new pieces are entered into the game of "Aliens Vs Predators".


Predators: PPPPPPPPPP / RNBAQKABNR / . . Ca C . . C Ca . .

Pawns protection: 1 2 3 3 5 5 3 3 2 1

Aliens: Three Aliens (Al), Mother Alien (MA)- j10, Eggs (E) - i10,i9 and j9.

Figure 1, Aliens Vs Predators, AVP


The "Forces of Order" of Predators is strengthened with new setup Super Strong Symchess (see SSShess). The Eggs (E) are motionless and can infect squares on a diagonal forward one step (total two squares). Mother Alien (MA) is motionless and joins in a game only then, when all Eggs will be destroyed. As in the well-known moves "Aliens".


The game follows the Orthodox and Aliens Vs Predators Chess rules with additions.

1. Pieces of the Predators standing on the infected fields turn in Alien piece on next Aliens move, on the same square where they were immediately. For example in Figure 1, infected squares are h9,h8,i8 and j8.

2. The Eggs can be transferred by Aliens only. Transportation is carried out as follows: The eggs to be transferred in any direction on a free square one step behind one of the Aliens and it is consired as one move. For example in Figure 1 the Egg may be transferred on the squares g9 and c10. The Eggs cannot be transferred on the initial squares near to Mother Alien again. The Eggs can sometimes be the"Mini Nukes", that can transform the opposite forces to their own. The Eggs especially effective weapon against the passed Pawns of Predators. The infected pieces of Predators from Eggs immediately turn in Alien's next move and for this purpose it is not required a special move.

3. At destrruction of an Egg or an Alien by Predators they do not turn in Aliens. Excep for a case when the square where is an Egg or an Alien is infected by another Egg.

4. Mother Alien cannot be destroyed while there are alive Eggs.

5. The Piece which has killed Mother Alien must be killed by friendly pieces because otherwise it automatically on next move to turn to Mother Alien (only once). Turn to the Mother Alien is required one move. It is unique property distinguishing Mother Alien from other Aliens.

6. It is forbidden to play two times successively with Eggs.

7. If all Aliens (except Mother Alien) are killed but last egg is not destroyed, White continue to do the moves before destruction of Mother Alien. In this case black simply wait.

7. Predators` King can not to kill Alien itself, it can to kill only Aliens` Eggs and Aliens pieces.

8. If released Mother Alien to receive checkmate at presence of other Alience, in this case game comes to an end with a victory of Predators.


Game Strategy

It is obvious that, Aliens will try to get rid of Eggs. With the purpose of clearing of the unique piece (Mother Alien). Predator`s Strategy will consist: to keep alive last Egg as much long as possible. And only after utter annihilation of mobile Aliens, they exit on a "Track of War" against Mother Alien and start destruction of last Egg and Mother Alien in itself. For example Figure 2,

Figure 2

Predators play and win; Mother Alien play and win.

1. R:j10 - (Rj10=MAII) 2. Rj2:MAII and White wins.

1...- MA:Ra3 2. Ra2:MA - (Ra3=MAII)X checkmate, Black wins.

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By Namik Zade.
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