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Glenn E. Overby II writes:

Wildebeest Chess has an established tradition of play, especially at one time via NOST. It has widespread distribution, courtesy of Schmittberger's book New Rules for Classic Games--which is where I learned it. It is also a finely balanced game, which like so many others takes a specific theme and refines it. In this case, it is the balance between leapers and riders that is worthy of attention. Not only were the number of pieces of each broad type balanced, but play shows that their strengths came out fairly closely as well. Knight and Camel are slightly weaker, but only slightly, than Bishop and Rook. The Wildebeest is markedly superior to a Rook, although not quite the Queen's equal. For those who like playing with Knights, Wildebeest Chess opens up whole new vistas of tactical challenge.

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Wildebeest Chess

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