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Jocly is a Web platform dedicated to 2-players pure abstract strategy games. Using its base Chess module, a large range of variants can be run.

Things you can do with Jocly:

  • Play directly on the platform: against the AI, against other users in live (the opponent must be connected) or turn-based (with email notifications).
  • Play as mobile apps: currently, most chess variants can be played on Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad) and FirefoxOs.
  • Embed an existing chess variant on a web site: it only takes 4 lines of HTML to be included. If you know a bit of Javascript programming, you can also redefine the entire control interface (choose game, computer levels, game options, take-back, ...), show played games from their PGN representation, implement problems resolution, ... Integration details can be found on the jquery.jocly github page.
  • Create your own variant to embed it on a web site: in some aspects, Jocly compares with Zillions of games as it also provides a generic artificial intelligence. A more complete comparison with ZoG is available on this page. More info about how to develop own chess variants are available on the Jocly Wiki.

Available Chess variants

  • Orthodox chess
  • Baby chess
  • Brusky chess
  • Byzantine chess
  • Chess 960
  • Chess attack
  • Courier chess
  • Cylinder chess
  • De Vasa chess
  • Gardner chess
  • Glinski chess
  • Los Alamos chess
  • Makruk
  • Malett chess
  • McCooey chess
  • Micro chess
  • Mini 4x4 chess
  • Mini 4x5 chess
  • Modern circular chess
  • Raumschach
  • Rollerball chess
  • Shafran chess
  • Shako chess
  • Xiang Qi

The source code of all those variants is available to developers and can be reused to create new variants.


Jocly uses pure HTML5 web technologies. This means the browser does not any plugin like Java or Flash to run.

Most Jocly games, including all Jocly chess variants implement both a 2D and 3D interface. The 3D interface, implemented using WebGL, is the default, but due to technical constraints, running a game from Internet Explorer, a smartphone or tablet, Safari with WebGL disabled or from a computer with an old graphic card, the system defaults to 2D.

When playing live on the main site, it is possible to enable the webcam chat, using the WebRTC technology. This way you can see your opponent directly into the 3D scene, or, if in 2D, next to the board. Note that this feature requires both sides to be running Firefox or Chrome as a browser.

Web site integration

Some examples:


contact at jocly dot com