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Chess Problem with Fairy Piece

the Nightrider - Solution

The Nightrider moves as follows: it moves as a knight, but can continue to move in the same direction with additional knight moves, provided that the `leaping points' are all empty.

King c5; Nightrider e5; Knight c3, d1; Pawn b6, d4.

King a1; Knight c2, c8; Bishop d5; Pawn a6, c4, e6.

Mate in two moves.


White moves: 1. Nightrider e5 - d7 (tempo). Now, while this move doesn't threatens mate, every move of black discloses an opportunity for white to give mate - in all cases by moving his king and giving a discovered mate with the nightrider.

Note that there are eight different moves for the white king: each is used as a mating move, and after each move of black, white has exactly one possible way to give mate.

Written by: Hans Bodlaender. Thanks to Ralph Betza for a comment.
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