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Chess Problem with Chancellor 2

Around 1889, the American Ben Foster wrote a book called Cancellor Chess, on his chess variant with this name. One important feature of his game is the Chancellor, a piece that has the combined moves of rook and knight. This problem is from this book, page 22. It has been composed by Mw. L. Ferris from New York City. The problem was themed Vive le chancelier.

King f7; Chancellor c2; Knight d4, f3.

King e4; Pawn f2, g2.

White to mate in two moves.

The chancellor is a piece that has the combined moves of rook and knight (in the same manner as the queen has the combined moves of bishop and rook).

A comment on this problem: The diagonal cross was a popular theme (when this problem was composed). This is a light setting, but there are not very many different mates in response to different defensive attempts.


Written by Ralph Betza and Hans Bodlaender. Jerome Grimbert noted an error in an earlier version of the diagram.
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