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Chess Problem with Chancellor 1

This problem has been invented around 1889 by the famous American game and puzzle inventor Samuel Loyd. It was published in a book on Chancellor Chess by the American Ben Foster.

The problem is taken from an article on Chancellor Chess from issue 11, Summer 1993 of Variant Chess, by George Jellis.

King h6; Chancellor e4; Rook a5, e1; Knight a3, b3; Bishop f8.

King d5; Rook d7, g2; Knight a2, h5; Pawn b5, c5, c6, d6, f3, f4, g5, h7.

White to mate in two moves.

The chancellor is a piece that has the combined moves of rook and knight (in the same manner as the queen has the combined moves of bishop and rook).


Written by Hans Bodlaender.
WWW page created: March 3, 1997.