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Bosma chess - solution

A king that is attacked three or more times is not considered to be in check.
Henk Le Grand, the Netherlands
1st Price 151th Thematoernooi
Probleemblad 1993



Bosma Chess. White to mate in two moves.


1. Rc8! threatens 2. Re8 mate. (Not: 2. f8R, as black can then play Kd8; not 2. f8N, as black can then play Kxd7; not 2. f8B, as black can then play Kd6.)

1. ..., Bd8 2. f8R mate
1. ..., Qxd7 2. f8N mate
1. ..., Nd6 2. f8B mate

Note that after the three different ways black can prevent the threat 2. Re8, white mates by the three different minor promotions.

Written by Hans Bodlaender.
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