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Problem solution

White: Kg2, Qh1, Ba1, pawn c5.

Black: Ka7, Qa6, Bh7, pawn h2.

White to play and win, Inertial Novotny Chess.

Author: M. V. Missana, Bulgaria.



All moves realizing the `Novotny' theme are denoted by the following sign: ^.

The black queen hopes to step on "a1" threatening 1... Qxa1 2Qb1^ Qxb1 and Black wins. Unexpectingly White permits her to do so:

1Bh8!! Qa1^ 2Qb1^ Qb2+^ 3Qc2^ Qc3^ 4Qd3^ Qd4^ 5Qe4^ Qe5^ 6Qf5^ Qf6^ 7Qg6^ Qg7^. Now for White it is impossible to realize the theme any more. So according the rules of "Inertial Novotny chess" he can play only with the queen: 8Qxg7+ and wins.

The attempt to win by 1Qf1? fails in remarkable way: 1...Qf6^ 2Qf5^ Qe5^ 3Qe4^ Qd4^ 4Qd3^ Qc3^ 5Qc2^ Qb2^. The theme is completed and it seems that White wins after 6Qxb2. But the extraordinary answer 6...h1R!! (in Saavedra`s style) puts again a "Novotny - Plachuta" trap: 7Qb1^ Rxb1 and Black wins. Therefore instead of 6Qxb2, White should try one of the possibilities listed below. Each one of them leads to perpetual "Novotny - Plachuta" theme and as a result of that - a draw!

a1) 6Qd2 Qd4!^ (after 6...Qc3? White wins just as in the main solution with the help of 7Qd3^) 7Qd3^ Qc3^ 8Qc2^ Qb2^ and the position is perpetually repeating itself - draw;

a2) 6Qe2 Qe5^ 7Qe4^ Qd4^ 8Qd3^ Qc3^ 9QC2^ Qb2^. The situation is a repeat of a1). The conclusion is a draw too;

a3) 6Qf2 Qf6^ (6...Qd4?^ 7Qxd4 and White wins) 7Qf5^ Qe5^ 8Qe4^ Qd4^ 9Qd3^ Qc3^ 10Qc2^ Qb2^ and the position is perpetually repeating itself - draw.

Nice systematic movementaccompanyinging what we have named "Thematic chess".

Written by Missana and P.Zmilo; editing by Hans Bodlaender.
WWW page created: January 5, 1998.