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Problem solution

Kg1, Qh2, Ba2, Ba7, pawn b6.

Kb7, Qf8, Bf6, Nc8, pawn a6.

Mate in 3 moves, Novotny Chess.

Author: P. Zmilo, Bulgaria.


All moves realizing the `Novotny' theme are denoted by the following sign: ^.

1Qh8^. Necessary move in the intersection point "h8" of Black queen and bishop. 1...Qg8+^. Again a necessary move. 2Qg7+^ Qf7^. Now when the theme is completed, white is free to play 3Bd5#.

Written by Missana and P.Zmilo; editing by Hans Bodlaender.
WWW page created: January 5, 1998.