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Wuss introduces a new piece, the Wuss, which is a weakening piece.


The Wuss moves like a queen but can not capture and must move when attacked.

In Wuss I through Wuss V, there are two ways to win: Either capture the king or capture the Wuss.

Here is the zillions link to Wuss. And here is the description of the game there from inventor Dan Troyka:

Introducing a new chess piece -- the Wuss. The Wuss moves exactly like a Queen, except:

(1) it cannot capture, and

(2) it must move when attacked.

The attack cannot be blocked and the attacking piece cannot be captured. Win by capturing the opponent King or Wuss. If a Wuss is attacked and has no move, that player loses. White cannot open with a Knight move. Normal chess rules otherwise apply.

The Wuss is a powerful piece - for the opponent. Attacking the Wuss provides a (nearly) risk-free way of developing your forces. The opponent is helpless as long as you keep attacking the Wuss, and in the process you can bring out your pieces. The Wuss is particularly dangerous to its King. A loss will automatically follow when both the King and the Wuss are attacked on the same turn.

In Wuss II, the player has a Wuss in addition to the regular 16 pieces. In Wuss III, the Wuss replaces the King and moves like the King. In Wuss IV, the Wuss has the combined moves of the Queen and Knight.

In this variant, Wuss is added to the back rank of Christian Freeling's Grand Chess board:

Logs for Grand Chess with Wuss

Grand Chess should be played with Moderate Progress Rules, but with the exception that when the wuss is attacked, the wuss must move out of check and that is the only move that can be made.

In variant 1, Wuss replaces the Queen:

Logs of Wuss

In variant 2, Wuss begins in an exposed position on the third row:

Logs of Wuss II

In variant 3, Wuss replaces the King and moves as King (except with the limitations of the Wuss; must move when attacked, can not capture):

Logs of Wuss III

In variant 4, Wuss replaces the Queen but moves like an amazon, again with the limitations of a Wuss (I use the amazon piece itself to represent the Amazon Wuss):

Logs of Wuss IV

Wuss V, Wuss VI and Wuss VIII repeat Wuss I, Wuss II and Wuss IV but the goal is only to capture the King. Wusses are still compelled to move but capturing them does not equate to victory. Strategically, it may be more desirable to keep your opponent's wuss alive.

Logs of Wuss V

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Author: Jeremy Gabriel Good. Inventor: Dan Troyka.
Web page created: 2006-07-07. Web page last updated: 2006-07-29