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Warlord is a structured multi-move abstract strategy battle game for 2 players or teams. The object of the game is to capture all the enemy chieftains. A shorter version may be played, in which the object is to capture 3 enemy leaders without your 3rd leader being captured on the next turn.


The Activation Range of the chieftains is 2 squares. Up to 6 pieces may be activated in a player turn. Pieces: - the Chieftain. This is the royal piece. It slides 1 or 2 squares. It may not jump. It may change direction during its move, but may not move back to the square it started from. It has the special power of activating pieces so they may move. - the Hero. This piece combines 2 moves, a 1-square step, and a 2-square leap. It moves orthogonally only, in a straight line only. It may slide 1; or jump 2; or slide 1 and jump 2; or jump 2 and slide 1, horizontally or vertically only. While leaping, it may jump over a piece, friendly or enemy, upon which it has no effect. - the Shaman. This is the diagonal analog of the Hero. It slides 1 and/or jumps 2 in a diagonal line. This piece is a linear mover. It may not change directions during its move. It may jump over other pieces. - the Scout [standard chess kNight]. It moves as the FIDE knight: It leaps 2 squares from its starting point, and must land on a square of the opposite color from that which it started on. It may jump over other pieces. - the Warrior - It steps 1 square in any direction, to any of the 8 adjacent squares, moving like a non-royal standard FIDE king.

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