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Venomous features 2 new exotic pieces that possess unusual moving abilities: the Sissa and the Sorcerer Snake. The game also uses augmented knights instead of regular knights, and 5 special pawns (Ninja Pawns) can be dropped during play.

Ninja pawns must be dropped unto the board via the code:
~P-a2 they can be optionally moved forward on same move so the code is:

Otherwise, the rules are exactly as in orthodox chess except for: Flexible castling (King can castle by moving 1, 2 or 3 (or 4 on Q-side) spaces towards rook and the modified movement of the standard pawns.

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An opening peculiarity

An interesting game I tried out with zillions went as follows. (The actual game had a few more irrelevant moves - I trimmed it down a bit to show the main idea.)
1. P f2-f5 // I opened with this move

1... .nf i10-h8 // Zillions playing black plays a non-descript move

2. S g1-c9 //I realized I can capture this pawn since it is undefended.

This is a very important focal point in venomous. I had not realized earlier during previous games, that the Sissa actually struck this point.
See diagram now.
2... .nw b10-c8 //this is the move that zillions should have played earlier to protect the pawn.

3. S c9-a10 //it seems now that I can capture the rook!

3... .nw c8-b10 //Surprise! My Sissa is trapped!
see diagram now

Regardles of what I play, black can capture my Sissa with its wazir knight on next turn winning the exchange.

If I had not captured the rook, I could have withdrawn my Sissa and escaped. If I had done this, Black could possibly gain some tempo by attacking the Sissa with pawn moves or by developing the Sorcerer Snake. Whether this is adequate compensation for the pawn is unclear.
e.g. S e9-e5 d10-b7 //attacking the Sissa with the Sorcerer Snake.

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