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Preference Poll for the Third Game Courier Tournament

During June and July of 2006, over three hundred games were under consideration for the third Game Courier Tournament, and an approval poll was run to narrow down this list. Now that we have a more manageable list of games, it is time to run a preference poll to decide which games shall be included in the tournament. Since 26 people voted in the first poll, this list is drawn from the top 26 plus any more tied for 26th place, excluding several games whose votes were reduced for being played in previous tournaments. The games here total 35. Since the last poll counted preset pages, this poll separately lists presets from the same page. This brings the total number of presets in this poll to 38. This preference poll will further reduce this list of 38 presets to the actual games to be played in the tournament. The final number will 1.25 times the number of participants, rounded up. Also, voting in this poll will serve as registration in the tournament. This will limit the votes to those who will actually be playing in the tournament. So as not to discourage voting from people who won't decide until the last minute, you may withdraw from the tournament before it starts by deleting your ballot. Unless the number of players justifies it, two very similar games will not both be played in the tournament. In some of the sets that follow, all the games are by the same inventor, and boldface is used to designate which one the inventor prefers.

  • Capablanca's Chess
  • Capablanca Random Chess
  • Falcon Chess
  • Falcon Chess 100
  • Grand Shatranj D
  • Grand Shatranj R
  • Great Shatranj D
  • Great Shatranj R
  • Modern Shatranj
  • Mir Chess 32
  • Mir Chess 36.
  • Storm the Ivory Tower
  • Y�ng Q�
  • Crazyhouse
  • Shatranji

Since links can't be included in the form used for voting, here are links to the rules for all the games being voted on.

  1. Alice Chess
  2. Anti-King Chess II
  3. Avalanche Chess
  4. Berolina Chess
  5. Cannons of Chesstonia
  6. Capablanca's Chess
  7. Capablanca Random Chess
  8. Catapults of Troy
  9. Crazyhouse
  10. Dimension X
  11. Falcon Chess
  12. Falcon Chess 100
  13. Fusion Chess
  14. Glinski's Hexagonal Chess
  15. Grand Shatranj
  16. Great Shatranj
  17. Janus Chess
  18. Korean Chess
  19. Mir Chess
  20. Moderate Progressive Chess
  21. Modern Shatranj
  22. Neutral King Chess
  23. Omega Chess
  24. Pocket Mutation Chess
  25. Rococo
  26. Shako
  27. Shatranj of Troy
  28. Shatranji
  29. Sky
  30. Storm the Ivory Tower
  31. Switching Chess
  32. Templar Chess
  33. Time Travel Chess
  34. Voidrider Chess
  35. Y�ng Q�

The poll data is lost, and this script needs updating. So, all PHP code has been commented out.