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Approval Poll for Games in the Second Game Courier Tournament

This poll is over

This is an approval poll for selecting which games may be played in the second Game Courier tournament. This poll selected a slate of candidates for ranking in a second poll, which is currently running. This includes the ten or so most popular games as rated by this poll plus the next ten or so that were not played in the last tournament. The figure was not exactly ten apiece, because this kind of poll is very prone to ties. The first ten or so included anything tied for tenth place, and the remaining ten or so included anything tied for twentieth place except games played in the previous tournament. The top ranked games in the second poll will be played in the tournament. For the tournament, we want a set of games that have wide appeal and are most preferred. This poll gave us a set of games with wide appeal, and the second poll will reduce the set to those that are most preferred. Think of this poll as the primary before the actual election of the games for the next tournament.