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Preference Poll for the First Game Courier Tournament

During November and December of 2003, over one hundred games were under consideration for the first Game Courier Tournament, and an approval poll was run to narrow down this list. Now that we have a more manageable list of games, it is time to run a preference poll to decide which games shall be included in the tournament.

Since links can't be included in the form used for voting, here are links to the rules for all the games being voted on.

  1. Alice Chess
  2. Anti-King Chess I & II
  3. Cavalier Chess
  4. Chaturanga
  5. Chess on a larger board with not so few pieces dropped
  6. Chessgi
  7. Chinese Chess
  8. Eurasian Chess
  9. Glinski's Hexagonal Chess
  10. Gothic Chess
  11. Grand Chess
  12. Great Chess
  13. Jumping Chess
  14. Kamikaze Mortal Shogi
  15. Maxima
  16. Pocket Mutation Chess
  17. Shatranj
  18. Shogi
  19. Take Over Chess
  20. Ultima
  21. Wizard's War
  22. Yng Q

Since the last poll chose between preset pages, and some preset pages had more than one version of a game, two versions are included for some games. Also, among the games selected by the first poll, there were pairs of very similar games. All these games are included in this poll, but any game listed below will have to beat the game it's paired with to be included in the tournament. My reasoning behind this is that wanting one thing and wanting another very similar thing does not always imply that you want both together. In cases like this, you may want one or the other, but not both, and have a weak preference regarding which one you want. By explicity stating that both games in a pair won't make it to the tournament, I leave you free to vote your full preference for each without the need to exaggerate your preference for one to make sure both don't make it.

  • Anti-King Chess I
  • Anti-King Chess II
  • Take Over Chess (original 41-square version)
  • Take Over Chess in 64 Squares
  • Eurasian Chess
  • Yng Q
  • Chaturanga
  • Shatranj
  • Gothic Chess
  • Grand Chess

The poll data is lost, and this script needs updating. So, all PHP code has been commented out.