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The Chess Variant Pages

Game Courier Tournament 2019

The theme of the tournament is games invented by active members of the Chess Variant Pages community. A list of potential games was generated and participants voted on them. The nine selected games are:

Jean-Louis CazauxMetamachy
Carlos CetinaSymmetric Chess
Charles DanielColossus
Adam DeWittHectochess
Fergus DunihoGross Chess
Kevin PaceySac Chess
David PaulowichUnicorn Great Chess
Greg StrongOpulent Chess

The pairings are as follows:


The rules are as follows:

Time Controls

Pace:4 moves per week
Spare Time:14 days
Grace Time:24 hours
Extra Time:8 hours
Max Time:4 weeks
Bonus Time:6 hours for moving within 24 hours


If two players attain the same score, ties will be broken by the following methods in a topdown order:

Written by Greg Strong, incorporating text from previous tournaments written by Fergus Duniho
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