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Time Travel Chessgi

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The rule is that every two moves, one can travel backward or forward in time. Then one goes back (or forward) to the exact same position (I call this experience "General Time Travel" below) that occured before and repeats the same move (or makes a different move), but brings all the pocket pieces and pawns along.

Restrictions on Time Travel

If you have no pieces or pawns in your pocket, you can not perform a general time travel (but can perform a specific time travel).

You can not perform a general time travel into a future that has not occurred. In other words, general time travel into the future is not possible until after a time travel into the past has occurred. Special time travel into the future is allowed at any time, however.

You can not time travel if your king is in check (neither general time travel nor special time travel).

If your pocket is completely full, you can not initiate a special time travel until there is room for another piece. You can, however, initiate a general time travel at that time.

You must wait two moves before time traveling again (in other words, you can time travel only every three turns or three turns after your opponent has time traveled).

Special Time Traveling for Individual Pieces into Specified Future

Any piece (with further restrictions governing the king's ability to do this) can time travel into a future that has not yet occured all by itself. To do this, you must specify which piece it is that is doing the time traveling and which move it is supposed to return. Then when that turn arrives, you must either place the piece or lose it if you choose to drop a different piece or move a piece on the board (in fact, you may be forced to do this, if you king is in check at the time of the scheduled return).

King Time Travel

Even kings can time travel into the future, but only up to five moves. But when a king is specified to return, it must return no matter what else may be going on in the game.

For example, someone could have just taken your protected queen with his queen. But if your king is destined to return, you can't take back his queen. So be very careful about king time traveling. If your King can not return without putting himself into check, the game is lost.

What happens to individual pieces that are destined to return if the general position changes (via general time travel)?

The play continues with return scheduled for the same specified move. Meanwhile, the piece's old self may have reappeared on the board -- that's okay. It will have to find a way of coexisting with its duplicate. One day, we may live in a world where each of us lives alongside duplicates and hopefully we will be able to see our duplicate selves not as threats or competitors but be able to cooperate with them to create perhaps a greater identity. It would be sad if we get duplicated and our duplicates are enslaved by other people. It may improve our class consciousness if we have to live among poorer selves. Hopefully, we will have compassion for the selves that are living in relative squalor.


The "General Position" Time Travel aspect to this game was inspired by Nintendo's Animal Crossing game, which allows time travel too where you get to keep your possessions and travel into the future or the past.

The whole game itself was very much inspired by Gary Gifford's Time Travel Chess , which might also be called, Royal Time Travel Chess because time travel is always related closely to the king in that game.

The issue of self-duplication is one that appears briefly in Gary Gifford's House of Mirrors Chess but will be further explored in a forthcoming variant of mine. I have a whole new class of squares, self-duplicating squares, that I have been intending to introduce.

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By Jeremy Gabriel Good.
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