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Logs for Texarkana.

Below is a screenshot from a game of Texarkana after White's first two turns. Both were non-capturing wazir / square creating / square removing moves.


Pieces can move "off the board" -- or on to an alternate board (or alternate set of colors) -- with non-capturing wazir move.

Pieces can not move to squares that don't exist, except by creating squares with non-capturing wazir move.

New squares can only be created within the 9 x 10 grid implied by the diagonal squares at the beginning.

Leaping pieces can jump over squares that don't exist but only to squares that do exist.

Pieces create squares by making non-capturing wazir move.

When ever a square is created by making a non-capturing wazir move, an old square must be deleted. For example, g5-f5; -e5 (which happened in game from which screenshot is taken, above).

Pieces can only make capturing moves on the same color upon which the spacious ferz resides.

A spacious ferz can make a non-capturing wazir movement, but not to escape check.

The spacious ferz is the royal piece. Object of game is to checkmate it.

The spacious ferz can not capture.

Ferzes can promote to any piece in starting position, except for spacious ferzes. Black ferzes promote if they reach column h. White ferzes promote if they reach column b.


There will always be 45 squares on the board at any given time.

Any questions?

For now, I won't bother to illustrate piece movements, but I may add them in, esp. if anyone requests that. ....

I'm very proud of this variant.

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By Jeremy Gabriel Good.
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