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Super Knights Chess 2

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

Super Knights 2 is a slightly different take on the usual chess variants proposed using the Chancellor and Archbishop pieces.

  • The Knights are replaced by the Ferz Knight and Wazir Knight which make a diagonal step or an orthogonal step respectively in addition to their knight jump.
  • During play, 5 Ninja Pawns can be dropped into an empty space ( 1 per turn) on 2nd rank and optionally pushed forward 1 or more squares to the middle.
    The Ninja Pawn is a special pawn that can move/capture like a regular pawn as well as move 1 space sideways.
    When in enemy half of board it can also capture 1 space sideways.
  • The standard Pawn (as well as the Ninja Pawn) can move 1-multiple spaces towards the middle rank at any time. After they reach the middle, they move forward just 1 space a turn.
    En-passant applies to the Pawn but not to the Ninja Pawn.
  • Flexible Castling allows the King to move 1-3 (or 4 on Q-side) spaces towards the Rook.

The board is setup as shown.

Play Super Knights 2!


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