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Shock Troops

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Shock Troops or ST Chess is a variant that uses the standard 8x8 board, and normal chess pieces set up in the standard configuration. During play each side has the option instead of making a regular move or to drop one of two pieces into any vacant space in the back rank.
The two pieces introduced this way are the War Knight and the Elephant Knight.

The War Knight makes either an orthogonal step or leaps 2 squares horizontally or vertically. Similarly, the Elephant Knight makes either a diagonal step or leaps 2 squares diagonally.
In addition to their unique moves, both pieces can also move like regular knights. They capture by displacement like any other piece.

Each side can also drop one of two Ninja Pawns into an empty space on the second rank, and optionally push it forward.
Ninja Pawns move and capture like regular pawns, and also move 1 space laterally. They can also capture 1 space sideways on the enemy half of the board. Like Pawns they promote to any piece.
They cannot or do not capture by En-Passant, however. ...more

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