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Queen of the Night Chess

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This is a game inspired by Ralph Betza'a Rectahex Chess. But you can easliy tell that this game is anything but hexagonal. Other than the pieces, all rules, including castling and en passant, apply. I overpowered the King and the Pawns also, so they can they fit with the other pieces, although it should be possible to use the standard King and pawns. * King : the Royal piece, moves like the standard King or the Knight. * Queen : moves like the standard Queen or a Nightrider. This piece is known as the Queen of the Night, the Amazon-rider, or the Terror-rider. * Bishop : moves like a Bishop or a Nightrider. This piece is known as the Unicorn. * Knight : moves like a Knight, a Camel, or a Zebra. This piece is known as the Buffalo. * Rook : moves like a Queen. * Pawns : these are replaced by an improved version of Charles Gilman's Patient pawns. When in their second rank, a pawn may move one step forward, two steps forward, capture a piece diagonally forward, or move one step forward then captures a piece diagonally adjacent. It also may may make a non capturing move one step to the side. In short: these pawns effectively compound Lias's Pawns with Patient Pawns. In the Longer Board (10 ranks) the pawns on the third rank also have the option to move, without capturing, one square orthogonally backwards. From the second rank, they have the option for a triple move, and a double move followed by a capture. A pawn can go back and third the second and third ranks as the player pleases, but once it's on the fourth or beyond it can't retreat. (Four pawns are placed on the second rank in front of Knights and Bishops, to maintain the 50% density.) Pawns may be captured en-passant in case of double or triple step, but if the final step was a capture this doesn't return the captured piece. Click here to start the preset of the Normal Board. Click here to start the preset of the Longer Board. -- The original idea. Nearlydouble Chess, where Charles Gilman talks about different pawns.

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