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Ninjutsu (Claustrophobia 2)

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.


The rules are as in orthodox chess except as noted below:
  • There is no castling as the king is already in its palace where it is normally safe.
  • In addition to checkmate, a side can also win by capturing the opposing king's scepter. Black's scepter is in the palace on f8,f7,or g7 and white's scepter on f1,f2,or g2.
    Only the king can capture a scepter, so for example,if the white king marches towards the black king's palace, black can use this opportunity to checkmate, or drive the white king away and march the black king towards the opposing palace.
  • The ninja guard or the ninja warrior promote to the most powerful piece on the board: the insane ninja knight by landing safely in the opposing side's palace. E.g. White can promote a ninja piece by landing it on f8,f7,or g7.
  • Pawns promote on the last rank to Insane Ninja Knight, QueenGuard, Ninja Warrior, Ninja Guard, or Knight.
  • The unused squares do not hinder the movement of any pieces.
  • All rules governing draws including stalemate are exactly as in orthodox chess

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By Charles Daniel.
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