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Modern Makruk

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

You can play Modern Makruk HERE.

The boats are Ruas, the elephants are Khons, the mitres are Ministers, and the things with the crosses on them are Mets. The Mets will disappear as soon as the preset starts.

Modern Makruk is a fusion of Modern Chess and Makruk played on a 9x8 board. It features the Queen and Minister of Modern Chess, the Khons of Makruk, and the Bias of Makruk. Bias promote to Mets upon reaching the 6th rank, or to any captured friendly piece upon reaching the 8th rank.

When you have bared your opponent's King you must mate in the first amount of moves provided on this list:

8 minus your piece count if you have a Queen, a Minister, or two Ruas.

16 minus your piece count if you have one Rua.

24 minus your piece count if you have two Khons.

32 minus your piece count if you have two Mas.

48 minus your piece count if you have one Khon.

64 minus your piece count if you have anything else.

If your move count reaches 0, the game is a draw.

There is no castling. Pieces move as in their respective games unless otherwise specified. You lose if your King is checkmated or you stalemate your opponent.

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