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Midgard Chess

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

Midgard Chess features War Elephants and War Machines.

Logs for Midgard Chess

King -k- This is the royal piece. As in Shatranj, it moves 1 square in any direction. It may not move into or remain in check.

General -G- This piece slides any distance along a diagonal like the modern bishop. It also moves 1 square orthogonally like a Wazir. It is called a dragon horse in Shogi.

Rook -r- As in Shatranj, this piece slides any distance orthogonally.

War Elephant -L- This colorbound piece slides 1 or 2 squares like a ferz. It may change direction during its move. It may not jump. It may not make a null move (move off and then back onto its starting square). A capture immediately ends its move, no piece in this game is allowed to capture twice. I have used this piece in other chess variants.

Knight -n- This piece leaps 2 squares like the Shatranj knight.

War Machine -H- This piece moves 1 square orthogonally or leaps 3 squares orthogonally. Greg Strong introduced this piece, calling it a Scout, in Brouhaha and Hubbub.

Pawn -p- As in Shatranj, this piece moves 1 square orthogonally forward and captures 1 square diagonally forward. It promotes to a General of the same color on the player's eighth rank.

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