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Mamra Chess with Wuss

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Mamra Chess with Wuss plays like normal chess except it has two extra pieces, a Mamra in one corner and a Wuss in the other. Winning can happen in four ways: Checkmate either King or Wuss (which can happen when you check them both at the same time so that only one can escape). Or the Mamra can eat either King or Wuss.

What is Wuss? It is a piece that moves like a queen but can't capture and must move when put in check. In other words: When the Wuss is checked, it can only move and no other piece can move. Nothing can capture the checking piece. Nothing can obstruct the checking piece. Wuss must move when checked (and if it can't move out of check, the game is lost).

What is Mamra? A piece that is invincible, except for pawns. Only pawns can attack and / or capture Mamra. The Mamra moves like a king (which moves like a guard moves, i.e., one space in any direction), but can't be checked.


In Variant I, I have the Wuss starting on one side, the Mamra on the other. Which will prove more important to the opening? Marshalling forces against the Wuss? Or bringing out the Mamra?

Logs for Mamra Chess with Wuss.

Here, in Mamra Chess with Wuss II, I have the wuss enter through the queen square and the mamra enter through the king square. When you move your queen, wuss will immediately be placed on the queen's original square. Then you have to live with a wuss for the rest of the game. When you move your king, mamra will immediately be placed on the square the king left and you will get the powerful mamra to help you.

Logs for Mamra Chess with Wuss II.

In Mamra Chess with Wuss III, we start with the regular FIDE board, as with Mamra Chess with Wuss II. In this case, though, the Mamra is introduced on to the King's square after the king vacates it. The Wuss is not introduced until the Mamra vacates that same square.

For the Mamra, use the notation M (m for black). For the Wuss, use the notation W (w for Black).

Logs for Mamra Chess with Wuss III.


Also known as "My Mamra ain't no wuss!" Chess...

This variant grows out of the observation that Mamra Chess games tend to devolve into a mamra - king chase, that the other way of winning, through simple checkmate, doesn't play as big a factor. To balance the game and make it more dynamic, I propose introducing the weakening piece of the Wuss.

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By Jeremy Gabriel Good.
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