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Logical Followup to Duke of Rutland Chess and Some Others

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Following further on Claudio's remarks about what the Duke of Rutland must have been able to deduce, I decided to add an amazon and knight-guard (centaur). Eric Greenwood suggested taking a couple of rows away:

Here is the initial Duke or Rutland follow up with addition of amazon and centaur

Claudio felt that perhaps the addition of Amazon and centaur should correspond to an elongation rather than shortening of board:

Claudio had the additional thought that a row of six guards (which can take an initial double step, forward or diagonally) would make for a formidably powerful and dangerous game:

It occurs to me that just adding one centaur is a bit asymmetrical since there are two guard-bishops and guard-rooks. So this variant adds another centaur. Further, I suggest playing this variant allowing the guards to promote (as pawns can) and giving them an initial two or three step move (as pawns have):

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