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Ideal Chess

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

This preset uses compound pieces to mimic the role of a deck of cards

Ideal Chess PreSet 1

Ideal Chess PreSet 2 - This preset checks that a move is in accord with the discard

The cards (compound pieces)

The compound pieces used are as follows

Piece GraphicOn discard may moveNuumber Used
King or Rook or may castle 2
Queen or Bishop 2
Rook or Knight 2
Knight or Pawn 6
Bishop or Pawn 6
Rook or Pawn 4
Queen or Pawn 2
King or Pawn 2

Discard and Move

Each turn a player will make a discard and a move.

The discard moves a piece from the players hand (the 4 green squares) to the discard area (the blue square). The move is made on the playing area (8x8 board) with a piece associated with the discard. This preset replaces the discard with the piece on the draw area (the yellow square) and randomly generates the next draw piece.

The first turns of a game are illustrated in the following table

GraphicMove Entered
Starting Position
1.u1-z1; e2-e4
1...w8-z8; e7-e5

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