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Herculean Chess

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

Herculean Chess is a 12x12 square board variant with new flying versions of the rooks and bishops. These compliment two pairs of jumpers: Knights and Zebras that are augmented with Ferz and Wazir movements. Ten ninja pawns round off the standard army of 12 pawns, 2 bishops, 2 rooks, queen and king.

The rules are exactly as in standard chess except for flexible castling, and piece/pawn movement.

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There are two versions of the game: the first version features the Ferz-Sorcerer and Wazir Sorcerer while the second replaces them with the Sorcerer Knights.

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Logs for Herculean Chess

Ninja Pawn
Flying Chariot
Flying Bishop
Ferz Sorcerer
Wazir Sorcerer
Ferz Knight
Wazir Knight
Sorcerer Knight

Example Games

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Open Cut and thrust game

A blunder by black and white is a piece up throughout but then unexpectedly black capitalizes when white leaves the backrank vulnerable.

Black values the sorcerer-knight more than the bishop and exchanges accordingly. White however outplays black in the end and wins.

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