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Grand Combination Courier

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

Logs of Grand Combination Courier

Object of game is to checkmate the King. The King can not castle but can make one King's leap, if it hasn't moved, in the promotion zone of the last three ranks.

Last three ranks of the board is promotion zone.

If the guard promotes to a King, one King must be captured and the remaining one checkmated. Promoted King doesn't have a King Leap.

Pawns in center four areas have no initial double step but peripheral pawns do and normal en passant rules apply to them.

Promoted form of Pawn is the Gnu: .NJ

Promoted form of the Guard is the King: K

Promoted form of the Ferz is the Ferz Rider or Bishop: B

Promoted form of the Wazir is the Wazir Rider or Rook: R

Promoted form of the Rook is the Rook Ferz: .RF

Promoted form of the Knight is the Knight-Ferz: .NF or the Knight-Wazir: .NW

Promoted form of the Camel is the Camel-Ferz: .JF or the Camel Wazir: .JW

Promoted form of theBishop Wazir and the Rook Ferz is the Queen: Q

Promoted form of the Knight Ferz is the Cardinal: A

Promoted form of the Camel-Ferz is the Caliph or Camel Bishop: .BJ

Promoted form of the Knight-Wazir is the Marshall: M

Promoted form of the Camel Wazir is the Canvasser or Camel Rook: .RJ

This game was inspired by Charles Gilman's Courier de los Combinados and, to a lesser extent, Chu Shogi.

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