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The Chess Variant Pages


This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

This preset is intended for play of either Go or Go-Chess variants.

See this link for the rules of Go in Wikipedia.

Click on the below button to start the standard 19x19 board preset:

Click on the below button to start a 17x17 board preset:

Click on the below button to start a 13x13 board preset:

Click on the below button to start a 9x9 board preset:

Notes on the presets:

Go pieces and designations:

White Stone (S)       Black Stone (s)   

Sample moves: drop White Stone on point j10, "S-j10"; remove White Stone from point j10, "-j10."

The preset does not enforce any rules nor does it count captured pieces. A tally of captures pieces should be kept manually. A tally record of White and Black captured stones could be kept in the Comments field.

Sample Games of "Go" played on Game Courier.

Chess pieces and designations:

White King (B)        Black King (b)   

White Queen (Q)        Black Queen (q)   

White Rook (R)        Black Rook (r)   

White Bishop (B)        Black Bishop (b)   

White Knight (N)        Black Knight (n)   

White Pawn (P)        Black Pawn (p)   

Credits: piece graphics by Larry L. Smith. Board graphics by Tony Quintanilla.


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