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Giant Chess 2

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Logs for Giant Chess 2.


This game plays with the same rules as Giant Chess. Games should start with white playing two moves and then each player playing four moves. Each move must be by a different piece. In order for any of the four giant pieces (two giant ferzes, two giant devs or wazirs) to be captured, all four of its squares must be attacked. Each move of the giant pieces is considered a single move, one of the four moves possible each turn.

If one is able to check, it must be at the end of the move. If one is in check, one must begin by getting out of check.

The lions here are Leos, which move like vao + pao.


My Tiling Rider Chess was inspired, in part, by Köksal Karakus's Giant Chess. David Paulowich recommended adding a Giant Ferz and shortening the board to a square, so we then had Square Tiling Rider Shatranj. So it became natural for me to think of how we might go back to Giant Chess and insert giant ferzes. That left me with holes on the first two ranks which I filled up with Leos in the same spirit of adding compounds of simpler pieces. Köksal Karakus gave me permission to call it Giant Chess 2.

An even wider Giant Chess 3 containing pieces described in this note may be in the works.

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