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FIDE Frolic

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

Like FIDE Chess only every piece can leap, not just knights. Rules otherwise same as FIDE Chess.

Logs for FIDE Frolic


Alfil Bishop

Rook Dabbaba

Queen Alfil Dabbaba

Knight Guard or "Centaur"

This version, more true to the idea behind FIDE Frolic, replaces the Knight-Guard with a piece that goes to the exact same squares that a knight guard does only it travels first as wazir and then as ferz or first as ferz and then as wazir. No null moves allowed with this one.

Logs for FIDE Frolic II


Thanks to Joe Joyce for recommending replacement of knights with knight-ferz and knight-wazir. I didn't like the asymmetry of different types of knights on each side so I changed them to knight cyclopses. When I have time, I will change them to lame knight cyclopses that can travel to the knight square either through the ferz path or wazir (mao) path.

Also, Joe recommended that I go ahead and create an alfil-dabbaba queen to complement the alfil-bishop and dabbaba-rook. Thanks for the help, Joe! :-) I like what you helped me produce here. Joe commented that it's like Grand Shatranj, only with more powerful pieces. Yes, I suppose so, Joe, and one of the interesting things about your Shatranj games is how the pieces can all leap ahead of the pawns, yet there is still a need to get behind the pawns as they advance. So Joe, you not only helped with the specifics but you were also the intellectual forebear of this variant.

Joe Joyce's initial suggestion for what to do with the knight was: You've made every other piece into a leaper, so why not make the knight into a slider? The ferz-wazir mover in FIDE Frolic 2 does just that.

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