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FIDE Chess Kamil

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Logs for 90 FIDE Chess Kamil

Logs for FIDE Chess Kamil

The rule is that when a piece vacates its original starting square, it is replaced by the piece situated on an analogous square from the other board. For example, if the knight leaves g1 for f3, the archbishop takes its place on g1 (G1-g1). If the pawn moves from e2 to e4, the extra pawn replaces it on e2. Another example: Castling shall result in the emergence of a marshall where the rook was and an amazon where the king was. Substitute pawns also retain the ability to move their initial double step.

Here is the same except with Berolina pawns for replacement pawns:


Not unlike Seirawan Chess, but with fuller set of pieces and more rigid dropping mechanism.

Here is another such variant, for experimental purposes. I think Betza would say, correctly, that the camel ferzes are too strong for this board because of their forking power in the opening. Maybe Camel Ferzes with backward ferz power (but not forward ferz) would make sense and better complement the guards, but meanwhile, I add four camels on the same basis as I added the four bishops, because they are colorbound, so there needs to be two pairs of them not just one.

Try switching these pieces around to make them a little more active and adding in knight-wazirs and knight-ferzes.

And what if we combined FIDE Chess Kamil I and FIDE Chess Kamil II? Why then we might have something like this:

The latest discussion on the relative values of archbishop to rook-ferz got me to thinking about a variant pairing the two. And since the archbishop and cardinal are linear extensions of the knight-ferz and knight-wazir, why not a variant featuring those? Like the knight itself, the knight wazir is intereting because it is always color-switching.

Here is we pair two archbishops distinctively against two rook ferzes. We eliminate the extra queen and extra marshall and put in two bishop wazirs instead:

In FIDE Kamil V, instead of the preponderance of bishops in "FIDE Chess with Extra Bishops" we have a preponderance of knights (knights of different sorts?)

What if we tried extending our FIDE Kamil variants to a 3rd board? We might add a third and fourth tier of powerful pieces. In short, a disaster waiting to happen:

FIDE Chess Kamil VII has a few pairs of pieces that are very different in the way they move but supposedly equivalent in value: A pair of knights and a pair of bishops; a pair of nightriders and a pair of rooks; a pair of archbishops and a pair of rook wazirs. It also has a queen, marshall and nightrider bishop, all supposedly equivalent in value. The rider pieces are hidden behind the rooks and kings so they don't dominate early with fatal forks.

Here we substitute a set of berolina pawns as the extra pawns:

In VIIB, we are adding to VIIA extra bishops and variety of knights and bishops...

Then I noticed that the centaur, or knight-guard, goes to exactly the same number of squares as the equally short-range jumping general or alfil-dabbaba-guard. Though it is colorbound, the FAD goes to as many squares as the knight-ferz and knight-wazir. FIDE Chess Kamil VIIC resulted from these observations:

I think that anyone who enjoys FIDE Chess will also, after a couple games, enjoy Tripunch Chess. Paired, they must be twice as much fun! I decided to use Amazon Chess because I think it's more "kamil" than FIDE.

Here is combined FIDE Chess Kamil VII with FIDE Chess Kamil V (guards from V replaced with bishop wazirs for parity with rook). FIDE pawns are replaced with Patient pawns that can also make one non-capturing move to the side (as with Abdul-Rahman Sibahi's Queen of the Knight Chess):

With normal pawns:

With sergeant pawns:

This one is inspired by the Warchess2 variants, in particular Visakha Cherry (but I add another pair of rooks as in the other two Warchess2 variants)

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