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Elephant Chess

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

In Elephant Chess "Burmese Elephants" take the place of the bishops, "Crabs" replace the pawns, and a Mammoth (Mastodon) replaces the queen. (This game is not to be confused with White Elephant Chess, or Mad Elephant Chess). The Burmese Elephant derives from Burmese Chess. It can move one step diagonally in any direction, or one step straight ahead. It has about the same value as a Knight. Although it is a slow piece it also has an advantage: together with a King, or some other piece, it is more effective in giving mate than the other light pieces. Unlike the Bishop the Elephant can reach every square on the board.

The Crab pawn moves like a regular pawn. In addition it can jump to an empty square west-north-west, or east-north-east. This is only allowed if the Crab's forward movement is blocked.

The rules for promotion is the same as in regular chess (except that Crabs can be promoted to Elephants and Mammoths, in addition to the other pieces). There is no castling. The goal is checkmate.

The opening position gives the Elephants a more advanced position, to compensate for their slowness. Early play on the wings is a plausible alternative. Peripheral weaknesses around the King are now less dangerous. Don't be afraid to play on the wings. Get acquainted with the time-honoured Elephant piece. Play Elephant Chess!

The following preset is automated. Pieces can be moved by pointing and clicking. When promoting a pawn it will automatically turn into a Mastodon. Should you prefer another piece then you must type it manually (e.g., add N a8; capture a7). Use small piece-letters for black.

The Elephant steps one square on the
diagonals, or one square ahead.

The two oblique moves in the image
are the Crab's two extra movement
possibilities to empty squares. These
extra moves are only available if the
position ahead (blue point) is occupied.

The Mastodon (Mammoth) jumps one or two
squares orthogonally and diagonally.

Elephant Chess

You can also download a Zillions implementation here.

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