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Dragonet Chess

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

In Dragonet Chess one extra piece per player is placed in the reserve. The Dragonet is automatically introduced at the position that is first left vacant when a piece leaves its initial square. The piece that first moves will also bring the Dragonet into play, so it is a double-move, comparable to castling. Otherwise the rules are the same as standard chess.

The Dragonet ('little dragon') flies to any empty square, of the same colour, in any direction. It captures an enemy piece by landing immediately beyond its victim. The Dragonet's value is 4, i.e. light piece + pawn (estimate). It's a colourbound variant of Schmittberger's Airplane.

In the following preset moves are validated and automated, but check, etc., are not parsed. Pieces can be moved by pointing and clicking. The Dragonet is automatically introduced when a piece moves away from its initial square. When promoting a pawn, you will be asked what piece you prefer.

Dragonet Chess

More information, and a Zillions implementation, can be found on the following link. Dragonet Chess is a variant of Reserve Chess.

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