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Chu Shogi - Alfaerie Style

This page contains one or more presets for playing game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

Logs of Chu Shogi Alfaerie Style

Official Rules for Chu Shogi

Object of game is to capture the King, Osho, and - if the opponent has promoted his Suizo, Drunk Elephant, to a Taishi, Free Prince, to capture both the opponent's osho - king - and taishi - free prince. Or to eliminate all of your opponent's pieces except the osho or king.

There are no drops in Chu Shogi.

Last four ranks of the board is promotion zone.

Promoted form of Suizo, or Drunk Elephant is the Taishi: GU! The Taishi, or crown prince, is the promoted form of the drunk elephant. It moves one step in any direction, Wazir or Ferz, WF.

Promoted form of the Moko, or Blind Tiger is the Hiroku or Flying Stag: ~FS~ It moves backwards or forwards like a rook or like a guard.

Promoted form of the Kengyo or Vertical Mover is the Higyu, or Flying Ox: ~FO~ which moves as bishop or forward and backward rook.

Promoted form of the Ogyo or Side Mover is the Honcho or Free Boar ~FB~ - which moves as a sideways rook or bishop.

Promoted form of the Dragon Horse is the Kakuo or Horned Falcon: ~HF~! The Horned Falcon may capture on the square immediately in front of it (forward Wazir square) and then return back to its original square (a type of move called "igui") or it may move on to the second square (dababa square) and capture another piece there, capturing two pieces in one move.

Promoted form of the Fuhyo or Shogi Pawn is the Gold General: G!(and for this variant, we are using the same piece.) If the Fuhyo chooses not to promote on the ninth rank, it can not promote again until it reaches the twelfth rank.

Promoted form of the Dragon King is the Hiju or Soaring Eagle: ~SE~! which moves as rook or backwards bishop and may also capture on forward ferz square to return to same square or move on to forward alfil square, possibly to capture again.

Promoted form of the Hansa or Reverse Chariot is the Keigei or Whale: ~W~! Which moves as backwards Bishop or backwards and forwards Rook.

Promoted form of the Lance is the Hakku or White Horse: ~W~! which moves as a forwards Bishop or backwards and forwards Rook.

Promoted form of the Kakugyo (Bishop) is the Dragon Horse: .BW!

Promoted form of the Dosho - Copper General is the Ogyo - Side Mover: ~SM~

Promoted form of the Mohyo - Ferocious Leopard is the Bishop: B!

Promoted form of the Chunin - Go Between is the Drunk Elephant: _JG_DE!

Promoted form of the Kinsho - Gold General is the Rook: R!

Promoted form of the Kirin - Kylin is the Lion: L!

Promoted form of the Hoo - Phoenix is the Free King: Q!

Promoted form of the Hisha - Rook is the Dragon King: .RF!

Promoted form of the Ginsho - Silver General is the Vertical Mover: ~VM~

The Shishi - Lion does not promote.

The Hono - Free King does not promote.

The King - Osho does not promote.

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