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Chess with Extra Bishops

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Logs for FIDE Chess with Extra Bishops

FIDE Chess with an extra pair of bishops for each side. The rule is that as soon as a bishop vacates its starting square, it is immediately replaced by its corresponding extra bishop, which should then be eliminated (from its place on C1 or F1 or C8 or F8. When a bishop is captured on its home square, the rule is similar, only the extra bishop appears as the capturing piece departs (consequently, that piece will then become subject to capture by that substitute bishop).


This variant arose out of my observation that while there are two knights and two rooks, there is only one light squared bishop and one dark squared bishop. Each of the knights and rooks can cover all of the squares on the board whereas bishops can only cover each of the squares on the board working in tandem. This is an attempt to remedy the imbalance by adding an extra pair of bishops.

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