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Adjutant Chess

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In Adjutant Chess (or Gustavian Chess, Extra Corners Chess) the objective is checkmate and pieces move as in orthodox chess. By adding extra corner squares and introducing extended castling, new strategies become possible.

Extended castle rule: when castling the king may jump three squares, but it can also jump two as usual. The rook ends up on its usual square. The extended castle rule makes play on the wings easier to achieve. The king can rapidly take control over the kingside or queenside corner square. The curious but useful board was invented by king Gustav III of Sweden.

Disregarding the situation on the rest of the board, this illustrates how convenient the extra corner square is when launching an attack on the wing.

Moves are automated, but rules of check, etc., are ignored. Pawns are automatically promoted to queen. If you want to promote to another piece you must type the move manually (e.g., add N a8; capture a7). When castling, and you want the king to end up on h1 rather than g1, simply drop the king on the friendly rook. This will automatically move the rook to f1.

Adjutant Chess (big graphics)

Adjutant Chess (small graphics)

You can also download a Zillions implementation here.

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