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3D Chess War

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

3D Chess War is the playing of 4 chess games at once, first game won wins the whole war. Below is a link to play on Game Courier.

3D Chess War



Each player moves, in independent chess games played on each of the 4 boards, until a checkmate occurs on one board (or a resignation), and that wins the whole 'game' (or war). Note that pieces or pawns never move between any of the 4 boards.

White on his first 'turn' moves once each only on boards C and D, and from then on each player's 'turn' consists of making one move on each of the four boards, from his left to his right (i.e. Black in order moves once on board D then on C, B and A, then afterwards White moves once on board A then on B, C and D, and then it's Black's 'turn' again, and so on). Note that with this preset, moves for each board on each 'turn' must be entered manually, i.e. seperated by semi-colons.

If any board's game is agreed to be a draw, one player places his king on that board next to the other player's king, where adjacent squares for the kings are possible, and play on that board is discontinued for the rest of the 'game' (war), with any draws not counting (except that draws resulting on all 4 boards would mean that the 'game' [war] is a draw). A draw offer for any specified particular board(s) is offered at the end of a player's overall turn, with a comment to that effect.

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