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A List of Novelty Pieces

Below is a list of interesting pieces sent in by Wayne VanWeerthuizen. Game designers might find some of his ideas for novelty pieces useful.

  • Prince: Moves like a King. King can be removed from game at any time (whether or not King is in check or what would otherwise be checkmate) to promote prince to King, as long as Prince is not itself in check at that time. (e.g. Prince is a backup king if King is in danger of checkmate.)

  • Carrier: Moves like queen. May never capture. Friendly pieces may move on top of it, and are moved with carrier as it moves. If captured, piece on top is also captured. Piece on top can make its normal movements including a capture to disembark.

  • Rapid Destroyer: Moves like queen or knight. When capturing moves as a queen or knight multiple times in one move to capture unlimited pieces as long as each captured piece is not under attack by any other pieces friend or foe before the capture. Can only ever capture undefended pieces. Can capture unlimited pieces in one turn. Can capture either friendly or enemy pieces.

  • Teleporters: Moves like King. Any pieces (friend or foe) adjacent to teleporter can be moved to any place adjacent to the same or any other like color teleporter. Pieces cannot capture during teleport.

  • Wide Blocker: Moves as King. Enemy pieces can not move over adjacent squares (8, including nearest diagonal squares), but can move onto nearest adjacent square or capture it.

  • Swapper: Moves and captures like a pawn. Can swap positions with any friendly piece, except pawns.

  • Shapeshifter: Can move as any adjacent piece could, and has same special abilities as any adjacent piece. Can not move at all if no pieces are adjacent.

  • Eternal pawn: Moves as pawn, but cannot be promoted. If moved to final rank or captured, may immediately be placed on any unoccupied square on own second rank.

  • Assassin: Can move and capture as Queen or Knight or move to any undefended square. But can move/capture only in the direction towards enemy king. (Every move it makes MUST bring it closer to the enemy King. Assassin is unable to retreat.)

  • Resurection: Moves as king. Remove from board to return any captured piece back to its starting square (or the starting square of any other piece of the same type and color.)

  • Mind Controller: Moves as King or knight. Can not capture. Allows player to control any adjacent enemy piece.

  • Trampoline: Knight with special ability: Any other piece that is moved to the square occupied by this piece must either capture it or immediately be moved again.

Written by Wayne VanWeerthuizen.
WWW page created: 16 September 2001.