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Andernach-Grasshopper Selfmate Solution

Milan R. Vukevich
Good Companions 2000 QCT



1.Rg2! threatens 2.Nf4+ Ae4(bNf4)#

1...Rg6 2.Qd4+ Ac4(bQd4)#
1...A7e4 2.Qb3+ Ab4(bQb3)#
1...A1e4 2.Qb5+ Ab4(bQb5)#
1...Ng4 2.Rd4+ Ac3(bRd4)#

The judge writes: The standout of the tourney. In all five lines of play (including the threat), the mating moves not only change the color of white men but also interfere with white lines of guard. The a4R is interfered with three times on the fourth rank, tha wB is interfered with on line a3...c5, and the wQ is interfered with on the lines b2...d4.

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This is an item in the Piececlopedia: an overview of different (fairy) chess pieces.
Written by Benjamin C Good.
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