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EurasiaChess: Photos of Chessmen Shogi Pieces adaptation

You'll find hereafter photos of a new "bicolor-chessmen-set" prototype made by E.Baud, for a Chessmen-Shogi adaptation, named "Eurasia-Chess Shogi"

All pieces are bicolor, enabling the change of owner when captured, then dropped again on chessboard. - I could have used no colors, as it's the way in normal Shogi sets, but players using chessmen are used to see one color per player, and colors make it more easy to differentiate opponent's pieces from ours - Then, each player see himself black, and white for the opponnent. The way to differentiate each camp is the color of King cross (Red/Blue).

Such pieces can also be used for European Chess : There's no trouble playing with such pieces, unless you watch them "side-way". An other adaptation has been done on this set, enabling piece promotion on magnetized bases.

This set can be a good way to promote Shogi onto existing "European-Chess" Western population. It can also be used for new (European) chess variants, using the Shogi-capture-drop capability.

You'll find more info on

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By Emmanuel Baud.
Web page created: 2008-03-29. Web page last updated: 2008-03-29